Payment Gateway Integration

Online Payment Gateway Integration for smooth digital payments

For e-businesses & online retailers, a payment gateway is a service that authorizes credit card/debit card payments made online. Receiving payments from your consumers on your website is done through payment gateway integration or online payment processing. If you are the owner of an online store that accepts payments or are planning to launch one, you need a trustworthy to enable payment gateway integration on your store. This will allow customers to pay you online using their credit cards or internet banking after completing your checkout process.

Depending on the payment gateway you choose, payment gateway service providers in India can provide you with a complete website bundle or only payment gateway integration. We can easily assist you with a variety of payment gateway services and payment gateway integrations for many payment gateway service providers in India or overseas thanks to our significant expertise with payment gateway services and implementations. List of already-used payment gateways.

Impulse Buying

If the checkout/payment process is time-consuming or difficult, it has been shown that more than 40% of customers cancel their orders. However, the research found that 40% of all online purchases are made on impulse, thus having an easy payment option available would surely result in a boost in sales.

Other Benefits of Payment Gateways include :

  • Payment gateways also
  • Integrates with shopping cart
  • Provides faster payment processing
  • Accepts multiple payment options
  • Provides chargeback prevention
  • Provides fraud management
  • Also, Provides recurring billing
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